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Renters Paradise

We've been spending most our lives living in a rented paradise

Whether your rented place is a plain beige box or full of dated decor, you'll want it to feel like yours and feel like home. It's important to fill your home with things that make you smile, with cosy textures to snuggle up in when the weather turns, with comfy furniture to stretch out and relax on after a long day and with enough seats for impromptu parties! But nothing too fixed that you can't take it with you when you move on.

Here are our top 10 hints and tips for accessorising and decorating a rented home, without putting any holes in the wall!


Use a console table to prop up large framed prints and mirrors, creating height, colour and pattern, so that you can still show off artwork without actually hanging it on the wall.

Framed Prints


Block off blank walls with large plants. Fake plants are best for the less green fingered as they don't need any looking after, except a bit of a dust every now and again! If you want to go green, look for palms and ferns which will give good wall coverage and don't need too much love and attention as long as you remember to water them and give them some sunlight!

Renting 3


Use larger sideboards and units to bring texture and form to your room without having to paper or paint the walls. A cocktail cabinet can help to bring colour and style to your room and of course you can fill it with colourful bottles and glassware too. 

Renting 2


Bookcases and open display units are great for filling in wall space, as well as for adding colour and texture - they also make great storage ideas too and will help to break up and zone rooms if your space is more open plan.

Renting 4

Renting 5


When you can't put colour and texture on the walls, bring it in with a colourful sofa paired with jazzy cushions...


...or a bright bedframe dressed with funky bedlinen and accessorised with colourful scatter cushions and throws.



To make moving easier, choose a modular sofa or one that comes in two sections so that it's not so heavy to move and will be easier to navigate out of the house and into the new place!



Functional furniture is best when space is at a premium and you can't invest in lots of furniture. An ottoman bed is a superb spacesaver, giving you loads of hidden storage at the same time as a comfy sleeping space!



Cover up cringey carpets and tatty flooring with a soft, fluffy rug or one with lots of colour and texture - it'll really make a difference to your room and give you a comfy place for your feet too!



If you need more hanging space, (and let's face it, who doesn't!) but there just aren't enough wardrobes to go round, opt for a free standing open wardrobe style. Easy to assemble without taking up too much space, you'll also be able to see all your essentials easily!

Open Wardrobes


Make a statement with lighting. Most ceiling lights use universal fittings, so changing up an old shade in your rental property for a cool and contemporary piece should be easy enough and will really transform the space. 


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Working with Sterling's buyers to bring our furniture to life in the studio and on location to keep you bang up to date with the newest looks and trends.