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Urban Explorer Dine

Dining Tables & Chairs

The craze for loft living and industrial chic is still very much on trend, and our Urban Explorer look is perfect for achieving it, whether you are lucky enough to have bagged a converted warehouse appartment or are just a lover of open plan living and exposed brick.

Combining sleek style with industrial design, an Urban Explorer dining space is all about showing personality, adventure and life without making an effort. Urban Explorers are influenced and inspired by things they've seen on their travels and love to mix textures, colours and styles together to create a unique look.

Refining Industrial Style

Our Arturo set gives Urban Explorers and wannabe's alike the chance to mix an industiral design with a more refined style. Space saving can be all important in an urban space and this set is perfect with a corner bench for everyone to squeeze onto and extra chairs if you need them.


Moody, masculine and classy

Our Urban Explorer colour palette is neutral and grey with just a hint of cool blues and greens to soften it up. Mix cement with wraught iron, vintage leather with chrome and faux fur with rustic wood to create your own industrial loft space look.

Eat Colour Palette

Relaxed and informal

A big chunky dining table is at the hub of an Urban Explorer space, utilised for everything from breakfast to midnight snacks, drinks parties to beer pong. Accessorise with a curated collection of colourful comfy chairs and stools for a funky look or keep it more refined with a simple style. Our Raindale table will seat up to ten and is bold enough to make a statement anywhere. Overload it with food, use it as your office, dance on it, the chunky top and even chunkier industrial base are built to withstand the toughest of parties.

Serve up supper on wooden sharing platters and in big chunky bowls. Decorate your table with simple flowers, fresh herbs and 


Muted pops of colour

Our Urban Explorer look retains a muted palette but pops of colour are most definitely welcome. Don't overload, but use them well with carefully chosen dinnerware, accessories and cookware.


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Working with Sterling's buyers to bring our furniture to life in the studio and on location to keep you bang up to date with the newest looks and trends.