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Urban Explorer Lounge

Sofas & Chairs

Combining sleek style with industrial design, an Urban Explorer living space is all about showing personality, adventure and life without making an effort. Urban Explorers are influenced and inspired by things they've seen on their travels and love to mix textures, colours and styles together to create a unique look. 

We've pulled together some of our favourite looks from our recent Urban Explorer photoshoot to show you show you can achieve this style and inspire you to create your own take on it. 

Halo Viscount William

Mix a vintage leather sofa, soft faux fur cushions, natural fabric upholstery and reclaimed wood and metal furniture to bring the Urban Explorer loft living look to life.

Sterlingbiscuitfactory 05601


Halo Bilbao

Sterlingbiscuitfactory 05698

Relaxing is always easier when it's on something as comfortable as our Halo Bilbao chair, glass in hand it's the perfect spot to plan your next adventure.

Sterlingbiscuitfactory 05799

Travel inspired accessories are just what an Urban Explorer's living space should have on show, treasures and inspiration picked up from trips abroad co-ordinated with one off painted furniture pieces and simple, versatile floor coverings.

Halo Mars

Sterlingbiscuitfactory 05941

Style natural and engineered materials together with confidence to create a modern industrial look full of charm, comfort and functionality.

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Working with Sterling's buyers to bring our furniture to life in the studio and on location to keep you bang up to date with the newest looks and trends.