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Luxe Boutique Eat

Dining Tables & Chairs

Dine in style the Luxe Boutique way; stylish and sophisticated furniture, metallic cutlery, shiny table accessories result in a dining room that exudes confidence.

If you're always looking for the best of the best, from the best, then our Luxe Boutique look is for you. It may have slight delusions of grandeur but it more than makes up for it with style and ambition. 

Combining fancy, formal and grand with casual, simple and stylish Luxe Boutique lovers look for beautifully crafted pieces of furniture with classic shapes and bold style. Quality always stands the test of time and Luxe Boutique styled rooms are always timeless and elegant, exuding importance and opulent style without being ostentatious.

We've pulled together some of our favourite looks from our recent Luxe Boutique photoshoot to show you how you can achieve this style and inspire you to create your own take on it. 

Mixing the bold and the beautiful

Luxeboutique 1170

Posh glitzy fabrics sit well with bold confident statements of granduer, like our Columbus table. Begging to show off, it effortlessly combines sleek glass with reclaimed rustic wood and shiny chrome. We've accessorised it with volumptuous velvet chairs, boasting their own chrome accents and throwing a softer element into the mix. 

Always luxurious, never ostentatious

Accessorise your dining area with metallics, shiny glasses and trays and mix up some sophisticated cocktails.

Luxeboutique 1185

Style and sophistication

Luxeboutique 784

Grown up dining is made simple with our bold, simply styled Phoenix furniture mixed with metallic accessories, sophisticated tableware and a stunning centrepiece. 

Luxeboutique 790

Add lots of bubbly and gold stemmed glasses and shiny cutlery for a fancy and refined dinner party.

Luxeboutique 897

Refined and elegant

Luxeboutique 361

Dining the Luxe Boutique way on a smaller scale is simple with our stunning Mazur table and luxurious velvet chairs. Clean, simple and classic, this easy to achieve look gives maximum impact.

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Working with Sterling's buyers to bring our furniture to life in the studio and on location to keep you bang up to date with the newest looks and trends.