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5 year structural guarantee

We understand that buying a sofa is an investment and that you expect to get many years of comfort and enjoyment from your purchase. 

Sterling aims to deliver only the very best quality upholstery to each and every one of our customers and in order to give you complete confidence and peace of mind, we are now offering a completely free, 5 Year Structural Guarantee on every piece of upholstery we sell. We hope this demonstrates our commitment to our customers not only now, but for years to come. 

Our free 5 year guarantee covers structural faults including the following: 

Defects to the frame (including warpage and separation of frame components), to castor blocks, bolt on arms, glides/feet or legs, webs, seat and support rails, metal components (including manual reclining mechanisms), and swivel or rocker bases.

Our Free 5 Year Structural Guarantee is an extra benefit in addition to your normal statutory and legal rights. 

Please view full terms and conditions, exclusions and details on how to claim below: 

Sterling Furniture Group Ltd Structure Guarantee Certificate

Head and Registered Office: Sterling Furniture Group Ltd, 76 Moss Road Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, FK13 6NS

Company Registered Number: SC54090

Sterling Furniture Group Ltd shall indemnify you for the cost of professional repair (at the SFG’s sole discretion) or replace the damaged product/products (or part product/products) subject to the coverage shown on the front of the Structure Guarantee Certificate within the territorial limits, during the period of coverage up to the limit of the indemnity set out in Section B and subject to the definitions, terms, conditions, claims procedure and exclusions set out below. The Structure Guarantee Certificate is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and does not affect your statutory rights if the goods sold or the services supplied are not of satisfactory quality.

Section A – Definitions

The following words and phrases shall have the following meaning as below, wherever used in the Structure Guarantee Certificate:

You/Your: -
SFG: -
Product: -
Period of Guarantee: -

Territorial Limits: -
Section B – Limit of Indemnity

The person (s) who purchased the product from Sterling Furniture Group Ltd
Sterling Furniture Group Ltd.
The item(s) of new upholstery (detailed overleaf), which was purchased by you from SFG. The period commencing on the delivery date of the product to you for:

  1. a)  The duration of the manufacturers 12-month guarantee and thereafter 48 months in respect of Structural Faults by SFG.

  2. b)  Until the date of the product (or part product) is replaced;

The United Kingdom

SFG’s maximum liability to you during the period of guarantee is limited to the original purchase price of the product in respect of all claims.

Section C - Exclusions

SFG shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from or attributable to:

  1. i)  Failure to comply with manufacturer, suppliers or SFG’s instructions for care of the product;

  2. ii)  Neglect, misuse or accidental damage to the product;

  3. iii)  General wear and tear consistent with age and usage;

  4. iv)  Faults associated with exterior parts of the upholstery i.e. any faults, damage or stains to the exterior of the product (s) for example rips, tears,

    burns, scratches, dents or chips to any fascias, decorative trims, wooden components, loss of resilience of interior fillings, stitching, fraying, (including fraying of zips), loss or damage to buttons or zips, delamination of flock fabrics, or any manufacturing defect to the covering leather, including but not limited to scars, bites or any other natural characteristic.

  5. v)  Damage, or failure of electric motors or electric mechanisms;

  6. vi)  Damage caused by contractors or third parties;

  7. vii)  Consequential loss of whatsoever nature and loss of use of the product;

  8. viii)  Fire, scorching, heat damage, flood, burst pipes (including radiator leaks and spillages), sunlight, wind or weather; theft or any other similar

    external cause;

  9. ix)  Use of the product other than for private and domestic purposes e.g. rented accommodation;

  10. x)  Any product (s) situated outside the territorial limits;

Section D – Claims Procedure

In the event of a possible claim under the Guarantee Certificate, please follow the procedure set out below. Contact the Sterling Branch you purchased your goods from with the following information:

a) Your Original Invoice Number
b) Your name address, postcode and contact telephone numbers c) Details of the product
d) Delivery date of the product
e) Summary of the problem and how it occurred

Notes and terms and conditions regarding claims procedure.

  1. i)  All possible incidents that may give rise to a claim must be notified to SFG as soon as practicable after the Structural Fault is discovered.;

    failure do so may invalidate your claim;

  2. ii)  Any replacement (at the sole discretion of SFG) shall be arranged by SFG and shall be of an identical or similar standard, specification and

    style as the original product, subject to the limit of indemnity in Section B.

  3. iii)  If the product (or part of the product) is replaced, the original product (or part of the product) will become the property of SFG (if they so elect).

    If the product (or part of the product) is to be replaced, you will co-operate fully with SFG in arranging a delivery date for the replacement product (or part of the product) and collection of the original product (or part of the product.)

Section E – Terms and Conditions

  1. i)  You shall at all times ensure that reasonable care is taken of the product, in terms of our Customer Care Recommendations

  2. ii)  SFG’s liability to you under the certificate of this guarantee shall immediately cease;

    1. a)  In the event of fraud or misrepresentation or any attempt thereat by you or your agent;

    2. b)  On the expiry of the period of guarantee;

  3. iii)  Any change of address must be notified to SFG;

  4. iv)  You will be liable for any costs falling outside the Guarantee Certificate;

  5. v)  The Structure Guarantee Certificate has no cash value at any time;

  6. vi)  The Structure Guarantee Certificate is not transferable;

  7. vii)  It shall be a condition precedent to SFG’s liability that you comply with each of the above terms and conditions.

Section F – Complaints Procedure

Any enquiries or complaints you have regarding the Guarantee should first be addressed to the original branch where your item(s) were purchased. Please quote your invoice number so that your enquiry can be dealt with timeously. If you are still not satisfied, any enquiries or complaints you may have regarding the guarantee should be addressed to Customer Services Manager, Sterling Furniture Group Ltd, 76 Moss Road, Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, FK13 6NS

The procedure will not prejudice your right to take legal proceedings.